Our collection system is fully automated. Each collector's accounts are queued and presented for work automatically. Our database is saved and verified on a daily basis and presently serves as host to approximately two million detailed debtor records. PCC's in-house system includes features such as; predictive dialing, automated skiptracing, trust accounting, AutoPay check production as well as vast client reporting capabilities.

All of our collection letters and telephone collection procedures are in strict compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), including the most recent federal and state rulings in its regard. We have established specific letter series' for the collectors' use. Each series and each letter within the series is coordinated both with the type of follow-up required and with the collectors' telephone techniques to increase the leverage to induce payment. The letters are also available in Spanish and we have several bilingual collectors.

Trust accounting is incorporated in our automated system. All payments are posted on-line on a daily basis. All payments on clients' placements are automatically segregated for that client alone.

Monthly collection statements are generated that clearly identify and itemize all payments made during the collection period. Our remittance check as well as a variety of collection reports accompany our collection statement. PCC provides several reports to help our clients track our results and keeps them informed on the status of each account.

Electronic interface of client placements may be made via 1/2 " magnetic tape, floppy diskette, encrypted on-line or FTP transfers. PCC is very willing to explore any additional form of automating the information handling process.

Newly assigned accounts are distributed through automated tables set up by management. The distribution can be set by client, alphabetic split, balance criteria and/or other specifications.

All telephone calls to and from our phones are recorded to provide a concrete assurance of both the professionalism of our collectors and the integrity of all concerned.

All collection attempts and comments are added to the debtor record automatically by the system after each attempt. These records are kept on-line permanently for future reference.

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