PCC specializes in the collection of all types of accounts. We know that to have a successful relationship with our clients, we must create a Win-Win-Win situation: our clients win, our clients' customers win, and we win. Our objective is to collect the outstanding debt, while treating the customer in such a way that they will return to our clients for service. We have thoroughly trained collection personnel who use the most sophisticated collection tools available.

After assignment, the debtor is sent a series of three automatic notices. Collectors make telephone calls to persuade the debtor to pay the account. During this collection phase, the collector uses the prospect of reporting the account to the credit bureaus, litigation, and other leverage to induce payment of the account. This is the most crucial phase of the process to achieve the Win-Win-Win scenario:

If we convince the debtor to pay at this time, not only are we and the client paid, the debtor avoids further complications. The clincher to the Win-Win-Win scenario is our collector's ability to obtain payment without alienating the customer/debtor.

All accounts that remain unpaid after 60 days are reported to three national credit bureaus: TRW, TransUnion, and Equifax. The item will remain on the debtor's credit profile for seven years. When it is paid, the item will be reported as a paid collection item.

All accounts are worked on a weekly basis, unless specific circumstances dictate otherwise. Supervisors review 30 accounts per week, noting frequency of calls and contact, promise follow up, collection notice requests, skip tracing functions, call effectiveness, and computer operations.


Our professional collectors are provided continual training and our office is always equipped with the latest advancements in collection technology. Our General Work Standards are clearly identified in accordance with requirements set by our management team. Our company policies and procedures insist on the highest level of performance from our collection representatives, managers, and support staff alike. We realize that our success is largely determined by the people handling our client’s accounts. PCC offers its staff the best technology, attractive compensation packages, as well as an excellent working environment. In return, PCC insists on the highest level of performance and production for our clientele.

Our collection staff is departmentalized; account segregation is determined by the type of debt; commercial, medical, retail, utility, etc. This type of structure helps assures 100% familiarity with our client’s type of accounts. We realize that each of our client’s needs are unique and we take the necessary steps to service those needs comprehensively.